Blockchain-based online voting

Conduct remote elections and voting without reputational or legal risks.

Conduct elections without risk

Conduct online elections with complete confidence in their reliability. Polys is built by blockchain voting experts. Our first pilot took place in 2016 and since then hundreds of organizations around the world have held elections with our help.
Make smarter decisions with innovative technologies
With Polys, your elections will be fair and anonymous thanks to blockchain technology and undelying cryptoalgorithms.
Full transparency and verifiability of elections
The Polys system is based on blockchain technology, which makes voting secure and immutable. All data that enters the blockchain (votes and voting results) cannot be replaced or deleted.
Security at every stage
Cryptography is an important component that ensures the security of our solution: we protect elections from interference by any third party, including Polys.
Availability for all voters
Voting from a digital device eliminates the need for voters to travel to a polling station. This can have a positive impact on voter turnout.
Key features tailored to your needs
Our solution includes many features and can be customized to suit your needs.
  • Flexible voter identification
    Our system offers several ways to identify voters – via a link in an email or text message, or via a QR code. We can also connect Polys to any other identification system or develop a completely new one.
  • Single sign-on for organizers
    Your employees will have one-stop access to the Polys Organizer panel using a private key that can be used instead of a password. Control access to the Organizer panel and analytics as you see fit.
  • Two solution types: cloud or on premises
    We have a flexible approach to providing the Polys solution to customers. We can deploy and configure the system on our servers or perform a local installation at the customer's facilities.
  • Several types of ballots
    Voters can choose one or more winners, distribute points between the answer options, or use the For/Against/Abstain format when voting for a proposal.
  • Instant vote count
    Voting results are published immediately after voting ends, so our system is ideal for voting during meetings, instant polls at conferences, or a quick second round of voting in the event of a tie.
  • Observing the voting process
    We build confidence in voting and its results with a vote monitoring app. The blockchain technology at the heart of our system allows us to organize the monitoring procedure in real time.

Individual support at every stage

Leverage our expertise at every stage of your voting process for maximum success. Our experts are familiar with all the nuances of making collective decisions using online voting.
How Polys works
Watch this short video to learn more about the principles and technologies of our system.
What our clients say
  • Filip Reinöhl
    "We were looking for a simple yet secure online solution and that's how we came to Polys. After several trial sessions, we decided to use the system for our online elections and were pleased with the results."
  • Pero Stojnić
    "Polys turned out to be the best option for online elections – their customer service is very professional and supportive, while the voting system is very simple, transparent and anonymous."
  • Prof. Dr. Adriano O. Andrade
    "The online voting platform is very intuitive and secure. It offers flexible configurations that were ideal for the specific voting scenarios we had. We highly recommend the use of Polys for organizing virtual elections."
Polys recognized as the most innovative democratic platform
2021 Digital Democracy Innovations Award
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