Everything you need to know about the Polys blockchain update on December 17

Zoya Sergeeva
December, 2018

Why we're updating the blockchain?

Our team is constantly working on new Polys features and we will shortly be releasing an improved version of the voter application.

In addition, we've changed the way we store personal data and data identifying system, users. If previously information related to the personal data of voters and organizers was stored in an encrypted form in the blockchain, it is now located on our private servers or on the servers of those organizing the vote.

Centralized storage of information is a necessary requirement stipulated by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is why we have to update the blockchain configuration and start it from scratch.

Why it's not possible to schedule a vote for December 17 or a later date?

The blockchain will be updated on December 17. To avoid any unforeseen technical issues and to limit the number of votes that need to be transferred to the archive, we will be blocking the creation of votes for that day and subsequent dates. We'll transfer all votes created before the update to the archive on the website old.polys.me. Therefore, if you want to schedule a vote for December 21 or later, please wait for the blockchain to update. Our preliminary estimates suggest the process will take no more than an hour.

What the archive at old.polys.me will contain?

All the votes created prior to December 17, 2018, will be stored in the archive. After the update, we will transfer all completed, current and upcoming (planned before December 17) votes to the archive on the site old.polys.me in an unaltered form. Organizers and voters will have access to their full voting history.

If you would like to download the current version of the blockchain with your vote history, please contact us at hello@polys.me.