Polys Organizer Panel Update

Zoya Sergeeva
September, 2021
We've updated the Organizer panel and added new features to make the process of creating votes even faster and more convenient.

In this version, we've taken into consideration the wishes of our customers and made the workflow for creating all types of votes clear and simple to use.

What changed?

  • Hints appeared at all stages of voting.
We have also broken down the voting process into three stages: "Creation", "Voting" and "Results". Now the Organizer always sees which stage he/she is at and which stage follows.
  • Function for adding illustrations and descriptions to voting.
We have added a convenient text editor that allows you to add links and lists in the description to the vote, as well as highlight text.
  • We've abandoned complex wording in the "Voting methods" section.
Previously, the Organizer had to choose "majority" or "cumulative" voting, and these terms confused many users. Now we clearly depict what the voter ballots will look like.

In the new version there are three "Voting methods": for a single selection, for multiple selections, and the multi-option points system.
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  • The field with answer options has been changed.
We moved the answer options down and added a general button to them for adding images and descriptions.

If your voting includes pictures, such as photos of candidates, you can add this option. In addition, you can move the answer options, and delete them as you see fit.
  • The main buttons have moved to the right of the screen.
We've moved all the main buttons to the sidebar on the right so you always know where they are. Depending on the voting stage, the buttons displayed on the right of the screen include "Create vote", "Finish voting", "Preview", etc.
You'll be able to read more about the new changes to Polys in future posts. Now we invite you to create your first online vote on the blockchain and, as always, we'd be grateful for any feedback or comments.