Polys recognized as the most innovative democratic platform

Zoya Sergeeva
September, 2021
We are proud to announce that Polys has won the Solonian Democracy Institute's 2021 Digital Democracy Innovations Award. Our solution was praised for its successful implementation and mass utilization of a blockchain-based voting system that addresses many of the current challenges of creating a secure online democracy.

The Solonian Democracy Institute (SDI) was founded in 2017 to research alternative democratic practices and e-democracy platforms inspiring communities. Their annual Digital Democracy Report examines worldwide vendors exclusively with solid development and a proven track record of implementation success. This year, they evaluated 22 e-democracy tools from 14 countries on criteria such as functionality, customer feedback, accessibility, and potential political impact.
The Polys team with the award
According to the report, Polys gained a 63% remit score and was noted for its user-friendly, convenient interface and high level of informational security. Additionally, our solution received maximum scores for the number of active customers and case studies.

SDI recommends Polys to "anyone wanting to get rid of paper ballots and set up a vote quickly and securely". The report also highlighted two "standout features" of Polys, and we are truly proud of them.

First, there is the extremely simple interface, allowing anyone to set up decisions quickly and share the voting process (and outcomes) with an audience in real-time. According to our own observations, this is the functionality that distinguishes us in the e-voting system market and is particularly appreciated by our customers. Second, Polys maintains the secrecy of a vote while allowing users to verify that their vote has not been manipulated. Our system is designed in accordance with digital voting requirements, meaning it reflects the values of democracy in its architecture and does not allow the manipulation of votes. The report also highlights that security is an area where Polys is "to the fore of many other vendors".

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic posed an unprecedented challenge for organizations around the globe and stimulated myriad digital innovations in democratic practice and the procedure for making collective decisions. As a consequence, the 2021 report reviewed twice as many vendors as a year earlier, testifying to the unprecedented demand for new digital tools.

Polys is a pioneer in blockchain voting and has five years of experience in digitalizing democratic practices, both existing and new. And we are thrilled to continue to help our clients make elections affordable, improve reliability and transparency while simplifying the voting process.