Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have collected answers to the most common questions about the Polys voting system.
How do voters vote?
Voters can vote in three different ways: for a single selection, for multiple selections, or using a multi-option points system. The method of voting by voters is determined by the Organizer of the vote.

Voting for a single selection implies that the voter ticks one box on the ballot. Voting for multiple selections is a voting method in which the voter will put several ticks, in accordance with the number set by the Organizer. The multi-option points system is a voting method in which a voter will distribute points among answer options based on the rating from highest to lowest.
How can I test the Polys system?
You can go to the Organizer's panel and create a test vote. To do this, go to the main page of the site www.polys.me and click the "Get started" button in the upper right corner. After that, you need to fill in the fields at the "Create Voting" stage: name, start and end dates, select the type of ballot, and the access method of voters. For simplicity, it is better to select "Public Vote". Such voting allows anyone who sees a link to vote and does not require a separate invitation from voters. Therefore, "Public vote" is best suited for test voting.
How to delete my account?
You cannot delete your account yourself at this time. In order to do this, you need to email a request to hello@polys.me from the mail to which your account is registered, and we will delete it ourselves.
How many voters can vote?
No more than 20 voters can participate in the free version of Polys.
How to increase the number of voters?
If you need to increase the number of voters, please contact us through the feedback form on the website or write your request at hello@polys.me. The cost depends on the number of voters and the deployment options for the solution. The calculation is provided individually upon request.
How to remove or edit a vote that has already launched?
You cannot make changes or delete voting after it has launched. This is one of the advantages of blockchain technology: it excludes any manipulation during the voting process once voters begin to vote. If the error is critical, you will have to get a new vote.
How to create multiple questions in one vote?
Currently, Polys functionality does not allow voting on multiple issues within one voting session. You can create several voting — separate for each question, and run them simultaneously. We plan to improve this functionality in the future.
Is there any way to find out who voted and who not?
You can observe the turnout during the voting and track how many voters have already voted. However, it is impossible to find out who specifically voted and who did not, since this contradicts the whole idea of a secret ballot in which voters vote anonymously.
How to remove or hide completed voting?
At present you cannot delete or hide the voting even after it ends. But we are already developing functionality that in the future will allow archiving of previous voting.

Still have questions?

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