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Election of board members
Online voting is the safest way to make collective decisions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Our system has a ballot type that allows you to vote for several candidates, making it suitable for elections to board committees, councils, or any vote with multiple winners.
Voting at AGMs
Streamline your formal board meetings and vote on issues you previously had no time or resources for. The For/Against/Abstain type of ballot permits voting on several issues within a single vote.
Voting at meetings
Engage meeting and conference participants in discussions and collect real-time feedback. A multiple-option points system ballot will help prioritize discussion questions and determine the main course of action.
What do we offer?
Several types of ballots
Voters can choose one or more winners, distribute points between the answer options, or use the For/Against/Abstain format when voting for a proposal.
Voter notification
Plan your vote in advance, without the risk of voters forgetting about it. Our system sends out invitations as well as reminders to all participants when voting starts.
Instant vote count
Voting results are published immediately after voting ends, so our system is ideal for voting during meetings, for polls at conferences, or a quick second round of voting in the event of a tie.
Single sign-on for organizers
Your employees will have one-stop access to the Polys voting Organizer panel using a private key that can be used instead of a password. Control access to the Organizer panel and analytics as you see fit.
Flexible voter identification
Our system offers several ways to identify voters – via a link from an email or text message, or via a QR code. We can also connect Polys to any other identification system or develop a completely new one.
Observation of the voting process
We build confidence in voting and its results with a vote monitoring app. The blockchain technology at the heart of our system allows us to organize the monitoring procedure in real time.
Two solution types: cloud-based or on-premises
We have a flexible approach to providing the Polys solution to customers. We can deploy and configure the system on our servers or perform a local installation at the customer's facilities.
Security and reliability
Polys was developed by Kaspersky, the world leader in cybersecurity, and draws on many years of expertise as well as the latest technology.

Test our system and find out what your employees really think

The voting process in our system is completely anonymous – once a vote is cast it cannot be changed or manipulated. This helps ensure that employees vote honestly and impartially and you can identify bottlenecks in your business.

Polys tools that take interaction to the next level

Приложение для создания голосований
Voting apps
The Polys platform consists of a web application for creating votes (Organizer panel) and a voter application. No special knowledge is required to use Polys – anyone can organize or participate in a vote.
Письмо с приглашением на голосование
Observer app
All the participants in a vote can follow the turnout in real-time by viewing the vote monitoring application. Voters can also verify that their votes have been recorded on the blockchain and counted – during voting, all transactions are available for download in Excel format.
Приложение голосующего
Voting machines
Voting machines (terminals) operate in a single blockchain network with Polys applications and are created for in-person voting. All votes – regardless of whether they are cast via terminals or personal devices – are securely transmitted and processed together.
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Find out more in our whitepaper

Our system is designed to meet all the requirements of digital voting and the values of democracy are reflected in its architecture. You can learn more about the system architecture in our technical guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the legitimacy of elections ensured on the Polys system?
We use blockchain technology as a basis to ensure that the Polys voting system is verifiable. This is due to the immutability of the data recorded in the blockchain and the ability to verify the logic of all processes performed by smart contracts. You can find out more about what to check, and how, at each stage of voting in our Whitepaper.
How is the personal data of voters processed and how is their safety ensured?
In our system, voters' personal data is the name entered by the vote organizer when compiling the list, and the email address/phone numbers are not stored on the blockchain: we store them in the database of a special authentication service. The blockchain stores only the internal identifier assigned to the voter by this service.

Access to this database is limited and is only used to authenticate voters and send them notifications of upcoming polls. There is no other processing of voters' personal data in our system.
Is it possible to add the logo and corporate identity of the company to the ballot/vote?
Yes, you can add the organization's logo to the splash screen of the voting application or paint the application in corporate colors. Terms are discussed individually with each customer.
Who can access the voting results and in what format?
As soon as the acceptance of votes is completed, the results will be visible to all the participants. Voters can see the results on their devices if they click on the link they used to vote. The voting protocol can be downloaded in the Organizer panel.
Is weighted voting possible?
Voting where the votes of some participants carry greater weight is already in development and will be available for use by the end of the year.