Elections at the Georgian Technical University

Online voting at the largest technical university in Georgia.
Georgian Technical University (GTU) is the main technical university in Georgia and also the largest. Founded in 1922, GTU is located in the capital Tbilisi.

Prof. Dr. Irakli Gabisonia
Dean of the Faculty of Law and International Relations
"This is the first time elections on this scale have been held at the Georgian Technical University. We believe online elections will prove to be more transparent and that the Polys system will be used in other universities in Georgia in the future. We thank the Polys team for their cooperation and assistance in conducting the elections."

Voting during the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the educational and work processes at Georgia's universities are being carried out remotely. As a result, the administration of the GTU decided to conduct student self-governance elections electronically using the Polys platform.

Online student self-governance elections

The elections were held in electronic format at 12 GTU faculties. A total of 21,000 students voted for 584 candidates. Participants received emails with unique voting links allowing them to take part in the elections. In previous years, similar elections were held at the university and students had to go to a polling station to vote in person.

Safe online voting

Holding elections in an online format allowed students to participate in the elections without leaving home, safeguarding each other's health, as well as saving time and resources.