Online elections at the Emirates Medical Association

Large-scale elections with 6,000 participants.
The Emirates Medical Association (EMA) was established in 1981 in Dubai as a non-profit organization composed of health practitioners. The EMA is responsible for supervising and conducting scientific training, events and conferences as well as collaborating with health organizations.

Ahamed Rameez
Technical Assistant at the EMA
"Polys is a reliable and simple voting system that made our elections possible during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Holding elections to EMA societies during COVID-19

The Emirates Medical Association is authorized to establish scientific societies that contribute to improving the standard of health services in the United Arab Emirates.

The number of elected EMA societies has reached 46 and is set to increase in the near future. Each society usually elects five active members who volunteer and give their time to support the development and enhancement of their colleagues' work practices. Owing to the pandemic, the EMA was forced to look for new tools to hold elections, which saw them turn to Polys.

Online election via Polys

Elections to appoint the board members for EMA societies were held over a period of five months. Approximately 6,000 people took part. In the past, such elections were conducted using paper ballots and required extensive preparation. The transition to online voting has brought the elections to a completely different level.

Simple and safe elections

This year's elections at the Emirates Medical Association were made possible by the Polys system. Both the organizers and participants rated the system highly, in particular, for its ease of use and safety.