Online elections for the Indonesian Students' Association

Permit Ningbo held elections via Polys to choose the association president during the coronavirus pandemic.
Permit Ningbois the Indonesian Students' Association in Ningbo, China, and also acts as a platform to embrace and assist all Indonesians in Ningbo.

Samuel Alamsjah
Head of Permit Ningbo's General
Election committee 2021
"Thanks to Polys there was no need for manual verification of voters and we were also able to display the voting results quickly."

Election of the association president during COVID-19

For its elections, the association needed a reliable and secure voting system, so the election committee decided to use Polys. This system was considered more appropriate than other voting tools such as Zoom's polling feature and Google Forms. The team also had positive experience of using the free version of Polys in last year's elections.

Online voting via Polys in unprecedented times

Voting lasted one day with 130 registered voters choosing a president from among three candidates.

Before the organization switched to online voting, everything was done manually and took time. However, due to the measures and restrictions introduced to counter the coronavirus, they were forced to go online.

Legitimate results

Polys helped achieve faster, more transparent and accountable voting, resulting in more legitimate results.