Primaries of the Czech Starostové a nezávislí party to select parliamentary candidates

The party used the Polys platform to conduct a cycle of online elections to select parliamentary candidates.
Starostové a nezávislí (STAN) is a center-right Czech political party, primarily focused on municipal politics at the local and regional levels. The party has representatives in both houses of the Czech Parliament and in the European Parliament.

Filip Reinöhl
Head of Online Marketing
at Starostové a nezávislí
"We were looking for a simple yet secure online solution and that's how we came to Polys. After several trial sessions, we decided to use the system for our online elections and were satisfied."

Problem: Selecting candidates for upcoming parliamentary elections during the COVID-19 pandemic

Parliamentary elections are due to take place in the Czech Republic later this year. In order to fulfil the party charter, every regional organization had to elect their candidates to the parliament. Due to the current coronavirus restrictions, this was not possible in the Czech Republic. The party decided to organize campaign rallies through the GoToMeeting app and conduct the voting via Polys.

Online election via Polys

Voting was held on one day, with a total of 135 voters choosing 17 parliamentary candidates. Participants also elected a new regional president (Petr Hlubuček), his first deputy (Jana Plamínková) and two other deputies (Jan Lacina and David Dušek).

Fast voting with over 90% turnout

During the meeting, the candidates had an opportunity to introduce themselves, after which the voting started. Each election was conducted very quickly – 90% of votes were cast within the first five minutes. It was very easy to prepare each election in advance, while another important aspect was how quick and easy it was to prepare a second round of voting in the event of parity of votes.