University of Tunisia online election

Student voting during the coronavirus pandemic.
The International Institute of Debate is a non-profit organization founded in Tunisia. The mission of the institute is to develop new generations of leaders, giving young people the opportunity to actively participate in the political process of their country.

Elyes Guermazi
Founder and Director of the International
Institute of Debate
"If you need to run an election, save your time with Polys. This is a very simple platform that provides voting access to all your voters, wherever they are. For people with disabilities, this is a particularly valuable option. Don't waste time at the polling station –vote online instead. In addition, voting on Polys is a secure process, and in the end, you get all the necessary statistics."

Organize voting during the coronavirus lockdown

The Tunisian government temporarily suspended all classes at educational establishments in a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The quarantine period coincided with planned elections at the International Institute of Debate, and students decided to use an online voting system instead. Polys proved to be the perfect tool for holding elections easily and safely.

Online election for the position of VP Learning & Development on the national board of the innovation and research centers

By the time of voting, the regulations governing the election process had already been prepared. The candidates held an online Q&A session as part of the election campaign to garner maximum support, after which the voters voted in their respective constituencies via the Polys app using their personal devices. Voting took place on April 15 and lasted a total of 11 hours.

Three days of work saved

More than a hundred people took part in the vote. According to the organizers, Polys helped them save about three days of work, but more importantly, it helped safeguard the voters who didn't have to visit a polling station, reducing the risk of infection.