Voting for 'Seafarer of the Year'

All the sailors from Berge Bulk's fleet participated in the vote.
Berge Bulk is one of the world's leading independent dry bulk carriers, delivering iron ore and coal around the globe. The company owns a fleet of over 70 vessels.

Rachel Wong
Senior Executive, Communications & CSR
at Berge Bulk
"Polys is simple to use, safe, secure and most importantly, transparent. It has given our participants the peace of mind to vote in confidence. It certainly also helps that the platform is visually appealing."

Impossible to hold a normal vote when all crews are at sea

The annual vote for the best employee is an important procedure for many companies. However, it's not easy to organize a traditional vote in the shipping business, since the vast majority of employees are at sea. The only option is online voting. At the same time, it needs to be totally reliable, as well as simple – both for the organizers and for the voters.

Online voting on the Polys platform

Voting to choose the company's seafarers of the year lasted a month. Employees could vote from their mobile devices at any time during this period, and during that time the intermediate results were hidden both from the organizers and the voters. This had a positive effect on the turnout: sailors were encouraging each other to vote and apply for next year.

The seafarers felt empowered that their voice and votes are being heard

In total, 600 people took part in the vote. People felt that their voices had been heard and they also put together a list of candidates for next year.