Voting for the Nuremberg Youth Council (Germany)

Online voting for political youth organization.
The Nuremberg Youth Council (Junge Union Bayern – Stadtverband Nürnberg) is an association of the four city district chapters of Junge Union (the youth organization of the CDU/CSU parties) in Nuremberg, Germany.

Jonas Hofmann
Deputy Chairman of the Junge Union Nürnberg
"As a political organization we are bound to many regulations. Without Polys we could not have held our vital re-election and would have needed to postpone it until some unknown future date. I'm very happy that the whole election process turned out to be flawless, especially considering the fact we didn't have very much time to prepare. The whole team thanked me for hosting the election, and I need to pass this gratitude on to Polys for being such a good alternative to the voting we all know."

Safe voting during COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the global pandemic, the youth organization decided to cancel all in-person meetings and use Polys because it promised secure and private online voting – the main requirement for the election to take place. Knowing that it came from Kaspersky gave the organization more confidence in its safety.

Fast voting through the Polys platform

The Nuremberg Youth Council held the so-called Stadtversammlung – an obligatory meeting that re-elects the new board of the organization. Votes were held for the chairperson, four vice-chairpersons, and the treasurer – all of which had to be held secretly. Each voting phase lasted no more than a few minutes, with all the votes being held on one evening. Five people were elected through Polys, while an additional eight were elected virtually through a video chat platform. A total of 49 voters took part.

Trustworthy online voting that saves resources

Thanks to online voting, the organizers saved a lot of time by not waiting until a face-to-face meeting could be held in the midst of a global pandemic. They admitted that if it hadn't been for Polys, the vote would have been postponed for at least six months.

Voting with Polys allowed a more unbiased and relaxed process, as everyone could simply vote with the click of a button and nobody would ever know who they voted for. Counting had also been an issue in the past, with organizers having to start the next voting phase while still counting the votes from the previous phase. Polys saved on manpower because nobody needed to collect or count the votes and everyone could instantly see the results after each vote closed.