Digital voting system for collective decision-making in trade unions

Polys will save time and resources and increase interaction with members.

Optimize your elections with Polys

Our platform is equally suitable for both in-person and remote online voting.
Election of trade union governing bodies
Simplify your decision-making process and vote remotely or in person using your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Election of chairpersons
Choose the best candidates with online voting or digitize in-person elections using blockchain technology.
Election of executive bodies for assemblies and conferences
Conduct secure elections for vacant positions without the need for paperwork.
Surveys at conferences and meetings
Conduct discussions and get instant feedback with online votes.
What do we offer?
Multiple Voter Access Options
Voters can vote from any device by clicking on a link from an email or text message, using a PIN or QR code to access the vote.
Secret or Roll-Call Vote
Depending on your needs, you can conduct anonymous voting or voting where you can see who voted and how.

Several Ballot Types
Voters can choose one or more answer options, vote "for/against", or distribute points among the options.
Voting Process Observation
All vote participants can see the turnout in real time via the voting apps.
Instant Calculation of Results

Calculation and decryption of the results are carried out automatically – this eliminates the risk of errors and falsifications.
Safety and Trustworthiness

Polys is a subsidiary of Kaspersky, the world leader in the field of cybersecurity.

Simplify your decision-making process and attract new members

Polys eliminates the need to personally attend a vote, which means it helps trade union organizations ensure the necessary quorum and allows union members to express their opinion on important issues.

How does it work?

Organize a vote on Polys in five steps.
Fill in the voting information
In the Organizer panel, enter a name for the vote, set the answer options and select a time.
Wait for invitations to be sent out to voters
On the eve of the vote, the system will send invitations or notifications to all the voters.
Let everyone vote
Once invited, voters will be able to vote in the voting app.
Observe the process
When voting begins, all participants will be able to monitor the turnout in real time.
Collect results
After voting ends, you can instantly see the results and form a legally binding voting protocol.
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