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the Polys electronic voting system

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We develop software and electronic voting equipment to solve your election problems fast.
Blockchain-based cloud solution
Thanks to its decentralized structure, a blockchain is an ideal system for online voting. It guarantees voting remains immutable and cannot be rigged or deleted.
Voting machines
Our machines operate in a single blockchain network. That means all votes —whether they are cast via terminals at polling stations or from personal devices — are securely transmitted and processed together.
Service and maintenance
We provide you with technical support at every stage of your election and guide you through the use of the voting machines.

What makes
our approach different?

We created our solution to simplify the voting process, reduce organizational costs, increase turnout and ensure the legitimacy of the results. We also added functionality that allows online monitoring so independent observers can supervise the voting process.

Make your elections more efficient with Polys

Cut out paper ballots
Voting terminals eliminate the need to prepare paper ballots for election commission members. In addition, all votes are automatically counted and decrypted by the system, significantly reducing staff costs and maintenance of polling stations.
Allow voters to participate in countrywide elections
A member of the election commission issues a voter a ticket with a unique QR code to access the voting. The Polys Activator associates the QR access code with the required election, for example, regional. Voters can therefore vote in regional elections from any polling station in their country.
Print voting results from blockchain
To confirm the authenticity of the vote, we have developed special Polys Printers that can be placed at regional polling stations. They are connected to a single blockchain network and print out the necessary election protocols and results.
Polys voting system

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